Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Overusing credit card in monthly installment!

By the time you read this, I'm in deep red in my credit card line. Need to pay monthly installment that is more my salary, now only I realise I'm in trouble.

Well have to borrow from my parents to cover part of it since I want to learn the lesson the hard way even though I will pay a quite a large sum of money in interest since I will be making minimum payment only.

Anyway, the secret to avoid all this pain is never ever use money you don't have even with the so called 0% free interest. Now I understand why bank is offering such a nice thing to us consumer so that they can trap us! Always buy things using cash.Cut up all your credit card!

If you are ever in this sad and worry state like me, you definitely need to take certain steps:
1. Go seek help from AKPK. Google it if you don't know
2. List down all your debts and clear the first one fastest to finish paying
3. Learn more from this 'Transforming Debt Into Wealth - John Cummuta'
4. Get some great tips from 'Debt Plans'

Hope this will be a good lesson learnt and remember this is just another part of journey of life and don't give up. Just get up and start moving again. Thats what I did.


Vundy said...

Hows your debt going along brother?

kei18kun said...

surviving, feel in a pinch and stressful at times. Compare to others with mountain of debt, thank God I'm just at the surface. Credit card need to be very careful. Truly a double edge sword. Mine is just a scratch :)